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♦Facial                                                                     Customized to your individual needs & skintype, Part 1 prep includes;  cleanse, steam, exfoliation with cell  conditioner/ melanin suppressant then specialty enzyme to lift dead skin cells instantly. Part 2; Nourishing  serums combined w lymphatic drainage massage to face & decollete- then..mask, moisturize and protect.

 I use Rhonda Allison products, which I have found to be the ultimate  in professional skincare. They use natural ingredients in combination with science to provide maximum ,visible results -great for sensitive and aging skin. Results are immediate and progressive.  $80 for 60 minutes


30 Minute Skin Boost                                                  A stimulating treatment to support sluggish circulation and get skin clean!  Cleanse & exfoliate under light steam, enzyme to soften & polish, lymphatic drainage facial massage with serum & SPF to finish.  $40 for 30 minutes             


Corrective Facial                                                               Refresh and support skin renewal with a deep cleansing followed by a mid-depth chemical peel tailored to individual skin needs; acne, hyperpigmentation, aging skin... followed by serum and fortifying mask.  Skin will experience a mild flaking within 3 days of treatment (similar to sunburn peel). Home care is essential to this facial and helps to provide maximum results, which include; improved skin texture/tone, reduced pore/scar size, balanced oil production, better hydration/product penetration & overall healthier skin appearance.    $95 for 60 minutes


Facial Add Ons

Enzyme Solutions and Chemical Peels ; anti-aging and cellular regeneration at its finest, custom peels and solutions to transform your skin texture - Progressive to Mid-Depth, boost your treatment...inquire within. 

♦Melanin Supressant Solution - Lighten & brighten dull skin and improve  hyperpigmentation with a blend of mild acids.You will feel a mild tingling, there is no downtime and results are immediate {included in every facial}                                                    

Cell Conditioner - Increases & stimulates collagen while improving skin texture, also offers anti-carcinogenic & anti-inflammatory support with a blend of acids andextracts.  Great treatment for aging/sun damage. {Includied in every facial}                                  

Liquid Enzyme PeelImmediate desquamation (lifting of cells) quickly, while supporting tissue regeneration.  Visible results; brighter, softer & regenerated skin.  Great for all  skin types, perfect first time level 1 peel, expect mild peeling then improved skin texture! $ add on  

Apple Wine Peel - Level 2 , Mid depth peel (affecting the intra-epidermal layer/ breaking skin barrier) Exfoliation occcurs within 2-3 days, flaking could occur for up to 1 week, then voila' - beautiful new, glowing  skin.  The Apple Wine Peel firms, tones & creates cell turnover while softening  & hydrating skin. Included in Corrective Facial or  $ add on

♦Hibiscus Peel - Level 2, Hibiscus Peel is a non-irritating. gentle flower peel that accelerates cell turnover while providing skin lightening, healing and moisturizing benefits.  Great for all skin types, Hibiscus Peel fights the signs of aging and brightens skin tone while improving cell regeneration.             $ add on




Brow design- trim, wax, tweeze...until perfect     $15                         


Brazilian Wax- as quick, necessary & painless as possible             $40 & up  20 minutes             


♦Various - ...Lip / chin - $5,  Under Arm - $10,  Bikini - $25,    




♦Lash Tinting-   Enhance your lashes with  a temporary vegetable dye ..                                                                                           Blue/black  (the darkest black) tint creates the effect of mascara without daily application .. Resulting in natural, lush black lashes for 4-6 weeks $20 - 20 minutes

♦Brow Tinting- elevate brows with a custom vegetable dye, helps fill in sparse brows to create a more beautiful brow.                                              $10 - 10 minutes              



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