I am a New York & California licensed Esthetician.  I went to beauty school in San Francisco, where I apprenticed and worked with the best ---Marilyn Jaeger.  I have been a practicing Esthetician since 2005 and truly believe a treatment is only as good as the therapist delivering it.  I pride myself on consistency and am committed to making facials & self care an affordable luxury.

I love the clean beauty & wellness industry and I'm happy to have made skincare my passion and career.  I specialize in facials, brows & Brazilian waxing .  My facials focus on enzymes, chemical peels & lymphatic drainage massage to significantly change the integrity of skin texture and help my client age "less".  

Admittedly, Once driven by vanity..I'm now inspired by the transformative power of beauty rituals to heal, connect & build self esteem.   At Rose Water, I've created a clean, safe & pretty space to share beauty secrets with my clients.  Rose Water has been open for 6 years now and I am so grateful for all of the beautiful, gracious clients who  have trusted me to work on their most vulnerable beauty needs.


  "Real beauty is the hard won result of self love & self care."



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