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I've tested and done my research..(I'm 45) ..Rhonda Allison products are the best for aging and sensitive skin...

Upon opening my shop five years ago, I knew I had to have this line to acheive  amazing results with skincare. Rhonda Allison is a master in the - Art of Skin Peels- and I am certified and trained to perform these Peels. RA cosmeceuticals are corrective, nourishing, restorative & clean ...formulated with enzymes, antioxidants, growth factors and nothing artificial. 

"Rhonda Allison skin nutrition blends the best active natural ingredients with scientifically developed compounds to create a synergy of superior professional treatments that will transform the condition of your skin.."  Extend the results of your facial with recomended home care.


Captain Blankenship-  'beauty wild with nature’.   A small, women-run company in the Hudson River Valley that makes products that are luxurious and honest. They formulate  products with organic and wild-harvested ingredients that are domestically grown when possible. They never use synthetic preservatives, parabens, sulfates or "fragrance".



Oway | Organic Way -  Handcrafted, holistic skincare from Italy, Oway is made with 98.8-100% organic, super active, concentrated biodynamic botanicals.  Predominantly  a hair line, Oway also has a small beauty skincare line of which I've selected some of my favorite products to incorporate into my facials.          



Spotless - Potion For Ingrown Hair -Formulated by the amazing - Marilyn Jaeger, my mentor who taught me how to give a quick and "painless" Brazilian Wax in under 20 minutes.....

Spotless reduces the redness & irritation common after waxing or shaving.  It soothes skin, prevents post wax/shaving ingrowns & revitalizes problem prone skin by diminishing bacteria - also great for acne and bug bites.
 If you take it "all off" - it better look good!                                                                                                        










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